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"I can not thank you enough for asking me to be a part of your “Life Lessons” speaker series for the children in your Summer Camp.  I must admit that my expectations and what actually transpired were completely different.  It warmed my heart to see how interned, engaged and well mannered all of the children were.  They were respectful and at the end when we took photos they were very loving; my hug quotient was certainly met that day. I wanted to write this to applaud all that the volunteers are doing to support the next group of leaders and workforce in our world.  The staff of Urban Hope are amazing loving people and that is certainly shown in the aspirations of these children. I am humbled and grateful for Urban Hope."


Diana Morrison

Advertising Specialty Services


The after school program is conducted 5 days a week  from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm during the academic school year. Local children, grades 1st-8th,  attend the program free of charge. The top priority of the after school program is to provide children in the city of Savannah a safe, loving environment. The children are mentored by experienced teachers, served a nutritious meal, educated in the cultural arts, and encouraged to discover their God given talents through daily Bible study and devotion. 


Urban Hope also provides our children transportation, by picking them up each day from their schools and taking them home.  The children's safety is a top priority. 


While Summer Camp is geared more towards fun, the program still strives to keep the children moving in a positive direction with their academic studies and minimize the affects of the "Summer Time Slide". The instructors conduct lessons in Math, English, and Science, in order to keep the children learning during their summer break. The majority of the summer camp is spent in activities that involve arts and crafts, music, dance, sewing, photography, and field trips.


Each week, the children are taken on a different field trip to various places such as the beach, the local news stations, The Children’s Museum, the movies, and many more fun places.


The summer camp is crucial for children in our city. Not only is Savannah’s heat dangerous, but so are the streets. Many parents who work during the day are need of a safe place to send their children. Urban Hope provides a safe haven. This warm and loving environment helps our children find their true talents, while having fun.


The student leader program is an opportunity to give high school students an income, as well as to learn the responsibility of having a job. The student leaders assist the instructors by helping the children with their homework, and providing the younger children with a role model.  The student leader program is for high school students, grade 9-12.


Once a month during the school year, Urban Hope participates in a Family Night.  This program is hosted by Independent Presbyterian Church and the free dinner is provided by several area churches and volunteers. Family Night is a fun and ease way to encourage family involvement with their child, our program as well as other families. Family night is a is a wonderful time of fellowship between students, staff, parents, community volunteers and our board members.

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